To say that Metaphors of Movement is a remarkable achievement does not begin to describe the depth, breadth, or importance of what Andy Austin has  accomplished, and continues to develop.”

Charles Faulkner

“Brilliant, Comprehensive, Original!”

Metaphors Mastery Membership is open to trainees of Andrew T. Austin’s “Metaphors of Movement” model.

Membership is only available to trainees of the Metaphors of Movement work as designed and developed by Andrew T. Austin, taught either by himself or by one of his approved trainers.

With a good mix of video, audio, text and diagrams, this site contains the supplemental and supporting training materials as well as exclusive live and recorded webinars, new training material, interviews and demonstration client sessions. New content is added continually over time.

“A huge advance in brief therapy.”

Enhance your understanding, develop new skills

    • ask questions and share metaphors on the discussion forum
    • watch video demonstrations of real sessions with genuine clients
    • attend multiple webinars at no extra cost
    • learn from other trainees experiences
    • develop your experience and confidence with the MoM model
    • talk and connect with other trainees

Metaphors Mastery is suitable for everyone regardless of whether you have attended the training purely for personal development reasons, or if you are fully fledged therapist or trainer.


Andy, I’ve just got to tell you, I’ve learned MORE about what I do Know, do See, do intuit in the just last few weeks of working with this material, that I never could quite grasp! I can’t wait until I get better at this work so I can more consciously and effectively wield the what, how and when of this “gift” I’ve been given. I’m sure to have far fewer blindsided incidents and scars from which to recover!

Allison Bennett

Upcoming Webinars (Members Only)

The previous webinars are on the member’s section.

More webinars to be announced soon. Do you have a request or question for a webinar, please email me: freshnewbrain@gmail.com
More client session demonstrations to be added over time.

Membership costs £249.00 per year.

Level Price  
Metaphors Mastery Member £249.00 membership for the first year renewal. You can cancel at any time.
Membership expires after 1 Year.

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“A brilliant development for business startups and commerce.”

“During the first Metaphors of Movement talk I ever attended, we explored current negative issues using metaphor. In my metaphor, I was standing underwater, but could see the shore to the left and the right and more sea in front and behind, blue sky above. Having now trained in Metaphors of Movement, I understand that this was an immersion metaphor and absolutely explained my home and work life at the time. There was only one answer to this issue, I would just have to get through it in order to metaphorically resurface! No spinning of feelings, no rewinding images, no tapping extremities, no hypnosis to visualise it all differently and positively. Instead, there was a huge realisation of exactly where I stood and what steps I would have to take in order to change this. Such is the precision, intelligence and effectiveness of this modality. What’s the training like? It’s like, switching on a huge lightbulb in the brain.”

Sonia Richards

“Andy’s Metaphors of Movement course has allowed me to listen to what my clients are saying in new and revelatory ways. Through this approach, they gain a transformational way of understanding their problem and shifts that are fundamental to how they see themselves. I thoroughly recommend Andy’s training and I’m looking forward to gaining greater understanding myself.”

Brooke Hender

“As well as being one of the most fascinating bodies of knowledge I’ve ever studied I’ve found Metaphors of Movement to be an incredibly powerful tool to help guide people to a better understanding of themselves and the processes of their minds. Clients leave surprised, amazed and with options to change, grounded with an internal locus of control.”

Ben Willens

“This is Andrew T. Austin’s most comprehensive and advanced work to date.”

Membership costs £249.00 per year.

Level Price  
Metaphors Mastery Member £249.00 membership for the first year renewal. You can cancel at any time.
Membership expires after 1 Year.

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