The following are approved trainers for the Metaphors of Movement Levels 1 & 2 Training. All are respected and well-established trainers and therapists in their own right and I am delighted they have agreed to be trainers for Metaphors of Movement Levels 1 and 2.

Alan Johnson is a trainer, coach, therapist & change worker based in the North-East of England, though delivering training in any location. He has learned from life experience, much self-development and pragmatism, how to empower and guide other people to get the changes in their life that they are after. With over 30 years’ experience of working with people in varying roles and environments, he is now a full-time trainer of NLP, IEMT, OldPain2Go alongside the excellent Metaphors of Movement. Alan has observed and modelled Andy Austin’s approach over many years to be able to deliver the same quality whilst also integrating it with his own personal style. Alan’s delivery style is very engaging, personalised and direct, and includes humour and loads of insights. He is passionate about empowering people, and those people who work with people by providing practical and understandable training.

Sonia Richards likes to entertain, whether with singing, writing, comedy, cooking or her terrible artwork. As a Trainer, Change Facilitator, Therapist, Coach and Hypnobirthing Trainer, elements of all of these ingredients, plus a gallon of common sense, lashings of IEMT and Metaphors of Movement and a sprinkle of provocative stances will be added to the mix. So those fed up of being stuck in the proverbial rut or some invisible container, keep going round in circles on a carousel, who constantly end up feeling hurt by others or themselves, keep attaching themselves to the wrong people, burdening themselves with all sorts of emotions or just don’t know where they stand right now, the work we cover will elicit one or even many “Aha” moments! Those who want to just wallow in their container and moan about their lot in life, don’t bother to call. However, those looking to experience some energising, interactive training or change work and wish to make steps in the right direction, towards a better life experience and some peace of mind are most welcome to contact me. I look forward to working with you.

A licensed master social worker based in Austin, Texas, Jaime Nichols has been working with clients and providing training in hypnosis, communication, and other therapeutic interventions for over 15 years. In his role as a social worker and clinician, Jaime has worked with individuals, couples, and families to address issues surrounding trauma, mood disorders, complex grief and loss, pain and symptom management related to physiological disease processes, and end-of-life issues. As an international trainer and presenter, Jaime specializes in introducing those interested in personal change to processes and perspectives via experiential and collaborative learning. He is an enthusiastic proponent and student of Andrew T. Austin’s Metaphors of Movement and eager to share these ideas with others interested in learning new ways to understand and reflect the client’s worldview.

Hanneke Van Der Voort is an international trainer of NLP, IEMT and Core Transformation based in the Netherlands. She has been in NLP & Hypnosis field as an organiser, trainer, therapist and coach for over 12 years and has continuously kept herself updated with various trainings. However deeply impressed by the work of Andrew Austin she was committed to making his work well-known and accessible to others. Hanneke has been collaborating with Andy in making his methodologies available by organising his workshops in the Netherlands and by training IEMT in multiple European countries such as: The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is very pleased to take “the next step down this path” by adding the Metaphors of Movement training to her repertoire.

Mark Andreas is an international trainer of Metaphors of Movement, Core Transformation, Coming to Wholeness, Transforming Yourself, and other personal transformation seminars. He runs a private practice offering change coaching sessions (such as Metaphors of Movement) to individuals anywhere with a good internet connection ( Mark is the author of “Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 stories of creative and compassionate ways out of conflict,” and “Waltzing with Wolverines: finding connection and cooperation with troubled teens.”

Dov Meidan is a trainer, based in Israel, of IEMT and Metaphors of Movement. Certified Master in NLP and an Integrative therapist. Since meeting Andrew Austin in 2013 in an Advanced IEMT training, his way of thinking change so much, it immediately felt like getting home. The way of working with clients changed completely, while others got back to their old default convenient “soft” ways.  Known with his students as harsh, unpleasant at times, but very astute in the perception of behaviour and language, funny and the best training experience they had. His friends though know him as humble, good-hearted and a very good friend. Dov runs a private practice in Israel offering therapy to individuals and some useful change in people’s lives based in metaphoric work, mostly via the internet to Hebrew speakers as well in English.

Masha Bennett is a Russian-born psychotherapist and trainer, based in the UK. Metaphor and symbol have a special place in her work, especially since discovering Andrew Austin’s Metaphors of Movement in 2012. Her original psychotherapy training was with James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, the developers of Symbolic Modelling (based on David Grove’s Clean Language). She also works with Jungian and transpersonal symbolism through Sandplay Therapy and Therapeutic Art, as well as with the Comprehensive Resource Model, another metaphor-rich approach. Aside from playing with metaphors in her full-time therapy and training practice, Masha teaches trauma awareness and Emotional Freedom Techniques courses in the UK and internationally, plays the gongs, tutors for the College of Sound Healing and a number of psychotherapy schools, paints pictures and has many cups of tea in her woodland garden. In her past life, she has worked in the UK’s National Health Service, prisons, probation and addiction treatment services, as well as in a BBC garden in Scotland, a Soviet genetics lab, and Moscow Zoo.

Roni Matar has been working in the field of Coaching, Training, Therapy, and Consulting since 2013, based in Lebanon and working throughout the Middle East. With a background in Biology, and working with doctors in the operation rooms for around 7 years, Roni is driven by the curiosity of how things work. That lead him to learn the change work modalities of NLP, Hypnosis, TLT, Coaching, PCW, and many others. After working with a large number of clients since 2013, there were a lot of aspects that did not make sense or work, despite the best marketing efforts of those who trained them, which led him to the work of Andrew T. Austin which was both evidence and reality-based. “Adding the body of knowledge of Metaphors of Movement and IEMT has made my work much simpler, and more connected to what actually is going on with the clients, moving from a Meta and technique-oriented approach to an explorational and precise approach that makes changework much more effective.” As a full-time Trainer, Coach, and Therapist, Roni does private sessions in 3 languages, Arabic, English, and French, online or in his private practice. His main aim is to use what works and to keep things simple.