I haven’t taken any Metaphors of Movement training, can I subscribe to this site?

Of course, I’ll take your money, but I would suggest you don’t do this.  After all, this is the support site for the Metaphors of Movement training levels 1 and 2. Go and do the training first, then come back and subscribe to this site.

What is the difference between this site, the Metaphors in My Attic program and The MoM Esoteric Study Group (Historia Illius Itineris)?

Metaphors in My Attic (link) This represents the full content of the level 1 training plus a few extras. Much of it was recorded before I know what I know now and I have recently updated this site with additional new content (as of the latter half of 2018).

The MoM Esoteric Study Group (Historia Illius Itineris) (link) This site is the main site for the more esoteric aspects of the Metaphors of Movement work.  Very little of this material is taught within the Metaphors of Movement training. The concepts and ideas are drawn from diverse subjects as world religions, astrology, tarot, mysticism and hermetic thought and philosophy.

Metaphors Mastery (this site) Functions as the post-training support site for attendees of either the Metaphors in My Attic program or any of the approved Levels MoM 1-2 live training.

Can I view this site via my iPhone or another ridiculously tiny overpriced device?

Yes, you can, all content should display perfectly well on all platforms.  You’d be silly to try and do so though.  Use a computer like a normal person.

Can I be a trainer for Metaphors of Movement?

No, you cannot.  Sorry, but this is by invitation only.